Wouldn't it be Cool if our pets

could use the toilet?

Well, they can't... so what can we do to protect our home?

Disposable pet pads are costly, and wasteful.

WeeCareUSA to the Rescue!

3-Layer Protection Design

within each pad that includes four

different lines of defense to absorb all liquids, including urine. You can rest assured that with WeeCareUSA pads, your furniture, carpets and floors will be protected from your

pets' pee!


Up to 350 Washes!

Our super absorbent WeePads are

machine washable, so you will be serving the environment by reducing carbon emissions due, and saving yourself some cash in the process.

Never Fear...

Made in the USA!

We proudly design and

assemble our eco-conscious bed pads

right here in the U.S. All of our materials and labor are sourced from our local communities, helping to reinvest back into our towns and villages, especially during the hard times we are weathering today. We

are proud to support the hard working American families that comprise

our country.

"Wee" also recommend using our pads for other uses in your home. Check them out here!